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BSR Studios, established over 15 years ago in North Hollywood, has roots that go back over 30 years. Now located in Sylmar, California we have the privilege of working with clients throughout the Los Angeles area and anywhere else digital media can reach.

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1787 Lafite TWJ Drawing of a 1787 bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild wine, with the engraved signature of Thomas Jefferson, created for Rarities Magazine. On the eve of the French revolution, Lafite was at the height of its winemaking legacy, as witnessed in the exceptional authorship of Thomas Jefferson, future President of the United States. While serving as ambassador for the young United States Republic to the Versailles Court, this multifaceted individual, farmer, businessman, politician, lawyer, architect, diplomat and founder of the University of Virginia, acquired a passion for winemaking and thought about developing it in his own country. He stayed in Bordeaux in May of 1787, and for five days visited the major Chartrons merchants. He reported the mass of information he gathered in his travel memoirs. He detailed the hierarchy of the growths, highlighting those that would go on to be the four leading wines. Château Lafite was among them. Jefferson remained a steadfast customer of Bordeaux wines until the end of his days. HISTORY NOTES EXERPTED FROM LAFITE.©2019